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Free Credit Repair Education

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Free Credit Repair Education

America is in need of a free credit repair education. Where else can Americans find free credit repair? The best way to learn how to repair your credit is research. Here is a free course that teaches you how to repair your credit: DIY Total Credit Repair course.

Many lending institutions still use the Fico 9 credit score model. Most free credit scores are from vantage score. Sure you can use those as a guide but you’ll want your fico score for the most accurate reflection of your credit score.

We like creditchecktotal.com or identityiq.com for credit monitoring. We also know that they give the most accurate credit score. This information is aimed at helping anyone seeking to learn about how credit works.

Credit monitoring is the most important step in credit repair. You’ll get alerts whenever your credit profile is updated. These alerts are your indicator of actions being taken.

Your credit profile will need a detailed analysis. When you look at your credit report is everything accurate? Can you spot any inaccuracies? Are you familiar with the things that are included in a credit report?

If you are not sure how to do an analysis of your own credit report we can perform a credit analysis for you. Get your credit analysis now!

Once you know what inaccuracies are present on your credit report you can begin the dispute process. Start by writing the reason for your credit dispute and finish with the account number and the account information that you’re disputing.

Wait for a response. The CRA’s or credit reporting agencies have to respond to all written request within 30 days. They will wait until the very last day to respond to your written request most of the time.

Send a dispute to all 3 credit bureaus. The credit bureaus are Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian.

They will perform an investigation of your written request and update your credit report if they agree with your dispute.

73% of all credit report disputes end with some sort of action like an update or a deletion.

Now that you have this free credit repair education what will you do with it? Will you take action?

If we can help in any way simply register for our website and ask any question you’d like.